The Villages of Hope-Africa Society

The first village opened in Kitwe, Zambia in 1999, under the direction of PAOC (Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada) missionaries. Since then, the strategy of creating a Children’s Village has spread from Zambia to PAOC mission fields in Zimbabwe, Malawi, Kenya and Burundi.

Branching out to multiple villages created a need for an umbrella organization under which they would all fall and thus, in 2004, the Villages of Hope – Africa Society was formed. This organizational union ensures that quality child care standards are established and met at each Village of Hope. It also helps each Village of Hope acquire essential financial and human resources and it facilitates working partnerships between all Villages of Hope and their surrounding communities.

The Kitwe village opened its first children’s home in July 1999. It is located next to a large shanty compound known as Racecourse. In five years this VOH grew from one orphan home into a fully functional care facility for children at risk in Zambia.

By 2001 VOH-A acquired land in both Malawi and Zimbabwe . Both of these Villages are now caring for children and are in the process of developing and expanding their own child care programs.

Village of Hope acquired a second location in Zambia in 2007. The site is located in the Chongwe district, which is 30km outside of the capital city Lusaka.

In 2008 Villages of Hope expanded to Kisumu, Kenya . Village of Hope – Kenya includes a community school feeding program clinic and children’s homes.

In 2010, Village of Hope expanded once again, this time into the city of Bujumbura, Burundi .

In 2010 we also began construction of the first children’s home and Center for Malnurished children in Mongu, Zambia, which is located in Western Province. Construction of the community school began in April of 2011.

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